The U of A's latest Signature Area of Research: AI4Society
Jan 18, 2021
Dr Geoffrey Rockwell and Dr Eleni Stroulia
The U of A's latest Signature Area of Research: AI4Society

Please join us on Monday, January 18 as Dr. Eleni Stroulia and Dr. Geoffrey Martin Rockwell introduce us to the U of A's latest Signature Area - AI4Society

The world is undergoing nothing short of a data-enabled revolution. Massive data streams are being generated from business applications, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and our own devices that mediate our every activity; new computational architectures and software platforms make possible the efficient processing of these large data sets; a new breed of machine learning (ML) and data science (DS) algorithms extract new insights from this data to inform practically all of our decisions and actions and support new business activities; and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are driving the increased automation of our industry, infrastructure, and services.

AI4Society is one of the University of Alberta’s five Signature Research Areas and is focused on artificial intelligence and its applications.

Over the past 30 years, the University of Alberta has been consistently ranked as one of the top three institutions worldwide for AI research and is a lead player in Canada’s national AI strategy. Building on this recognition, AI4Society’s goal is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and teaching in this field by supporting initiatives at the University of Alberta. AI4Society also provides continuing institutional leadership by coordinating and designing innovative training programs and representing the institution in new initiatives with public, private, and international partners.

Dr. Eleni Stroulia is a Professor of Computing Science, at the University of Alberta, and the Director of the AI4Society Signature Area. Her research focuses on addressing real-world problems, adopting AI and machine-learning methods.

Dr. Geoffrey Martin Rockwell is a Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta, the Director of the Kule Institute for Advanced Studies and the Associate Director of the AI4Society Signature Area. His areas of research include big data, textual visualization and analysis, computing in the humanities, instructional technology, computer games and multimedia.

The ZOOM coordinates for our meeting are provided below. ZOOM will open at 11:45 AM and the meeting will start at 12 Noon. Dr Rockwell and Dr Stroulia have a committment that limits their time with us to12:30 PM. As a result, their presentation will begin at the start of the meeting.

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For those that need it, the meeting ID is: 858 7967 8510

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