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Edmonton West
STARS - Edmonton Int'l Airport
Suite 100, 1519 35 Ave E
Edmonton, AB  T9E 0V6

Instead of a regular meeting I have arranged for us to go on a field trip to STARS Air Ambulance. Here's what we will be doing:

Base tours consist of the following:

  • Presentation highlighting STARS
  • A chance to visit the helicopter
  • A chance to meet the pilots and air medical crew
  • Photo opportunity at the helicopter.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • You are visiting a functional hangar, with operational aircraft. Medical crew, pilots, and engineers may be working during your tour and we ask that you be respectful of their time and space.
  • You may be told to leave the hangar at any time if the crew is called out for a mission; should this happen please follow your tour guide out of the hangar quickly and orderly so the crew can prepare to take off.
  • For safety purposes please ensure everyone is wearing closed toe footwear. If a visitor is not wearing appropriate footwear they will not be allowed to enter the hangar to see the helicopter.
  • A maximum of 24 individuals will be allowed per tour. Sign-ups will be on a first come, first served basis.

Please let me know asap if you would like to attend.