From My Perspective......

This past 18 months has been like nothing we have experienced before. Yes, we were all in it together, but we were also isolated from each other, our friends and family. We were all in the same storm, but in different boats. The effects of the pandemic were felt in Rotary Clubs around the world.  We weren't able to do what we do best, to work side by side volunteering in our communities and around the globe. Our club was no exception and even though we met through zoom meetings, we all felt disconnected from each other and Rotary. Some lost their way. I want to commend David Weir and our 2020-21 board and leaders on weathering the storm and although we lost a few members from our boat, you steered a steady course and kept your sights on the horizon. Sorry about the nautical theme....I come from a long line of seafaring folk:)
Today I am exited to say our future looks bright, thanks to the efforts and outstanding leadership of President Jackie, and Ingrid. Our Board, Vicky, Al, John, Doug, Lorne, Rob, Mike, Vic, and Spencer have gone above and beyond to ensure that our club remains strong and committed to the Rotary International Vision and Mission Statement. Many accolades to Vicky for keeping us afloat and able to contribute to our worthwhile causes. The board has worked diligently in all areas, in Membership, Youth, New Directions, Community, Club and International Service. And our speaker program has been second to none. I hate to use those typical quotes....but I'm going to anyway...."What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.", "From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.", Keep Calm and Carry On." Anyway, you get the picture. 
If the last newsletter and the one you are about to read, are anything to go by, you can see that we are BACK and firing on all cylinders. We continue to organize activities that meet all public health guidelines, cognizant of the fact that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. It has been a real pleasure to see members getting together for service and seeing that spark in their eyes again. That feeling in your heart that reminds you why you joined Rotary in the first place.
I am proud and honoured to be a member of Edmonton West and to serve with all of you.




Physical isolation, compounded by the stress of the health crisis and its disruption to daily life has had a toll on us all. As humans we need to connect. Our membership director, Jackie, tasked the board to reach out to our members. It’s incredibly gratifying to phone a fellow member to check in, connect and catch up. Whether you have been tasked to or not, I encourage you all to phone someone you haven't seen in a while and spend time catching up.

New Directions

YEG Passport and the Rotary Club of Edmonton West partnered with the Saddle Lake Boys and Girls Club, Turtle Island Safer Spaces and the Orange Shirt Society to develop a very successful Orange shirt project. Special thanks to John Donner, Yvonne Ewanicke, Gord Sheppard and Tom Kuperus. 
$4200 was raised from the Orange Shirt sales. $2100 will go to Saddle Lake, $1050 to
Turtle Island Safer Spaces, and $1050 to the Orange Shirt Day Society. This initiative
reached beyond Rotary because of the trust that people have in the Rotary Name.
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New Generations

MacEwan Rotaract Financial Relief Bursary

After the tremendous success of last years Financial Relief Bursary our club will be participating again this year with a donation of $3000. Last years president, Myles Dykes had this to say:
Some of our members normally work over the summer to then focus on their studies
and volunteering during their school year. However, due to COVID-19 and its effects on
the job market, those members were unable to find meaningful employment and could
not save money to put towards their studies. These same individuals also continue to
struggle finding employment in the current job market. Not only has COVID-19
exacerbated financial concerns, but the cost of education is rising as well. This year was
the first of three that a 7% tuition increased will occur; some degrees such as Bachelor of
Arts and Bachelor of Science saw an increase of 10%. The handling of economic factors
by the government has led to costs of university institutions being downloaded onto
students, who are in an increasingly vulnerable and precarious financial situation.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Rotary Club of Edmonton West for their
substantial support in this initiative taken by our club. Through the years you have been
our most ardent supporters and continue to be, whether it be mentorship or financial
support. On behalf of myself, the current Board Executives and the future leaders of
MacEwan Rotaract, we hope to continue on this initiative in the future. Our members
continually go above and beyond to give to this Club and family, it is more than due time
for us to give back to them.
Myles Dykes,
President of MacEwan Rotaract

Club and Community Service

Adopt-A-Highway ~ Joint Service Week

Rotary International asked us to partner with our friends at Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, or Optimist International to increase our collective impact through community service.
Celebrate Community is a weeklong service event taking place 10-16 October. During this time, Rotary, Rotaract, Kiwanis, Lions, and Optimist clubs are encouraged to collaborate with one another to complete a service project that benefits the community. 
Edmonton West reached out to the Edmonton Host Lions Club who were excited to work with us. So our club members, friends, MacEwan Rotaractors and the Lions Club spent a cool day picking up garbage along Highway 16. Connections were made and stories were told as we learnt about each others community service projects. We decided that we should make this an annual event. We all want to do good in the world, and we can do even more when we do it together.
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Grandview Work Bee

The Edmonton West "Daytimers" spent a productive day working at Capital Care Grandview. 
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile